23 March 2010

Royal hunting ground and Highwaymen

There is nothing like a natural and open space to clear the mind and inspire!  
A new home within just half an hour of Epping Forest makes possible a lovely Sunday walk in the setting sunlight.  The low light was perfect for very amusing shadow play and revealed truly beautiful colours in nature.
I am really fascinated by the fact that the London forests and park were once a large expanse of Royal land used for hunting and plagued by highwaymen (Epping forest was the hideaway for Dick Turpin in the 1730s) - an idea played out in the film Plunkett and Macleane (1999).  This film is great for costume, a raw tale and a fantastic ballroom scene with traditional dance choreographed to a modern dance track. 

22 March 2010

My First Crochet Work

I am seeking to learn new craft skills and allow these to feed into my personal creative practice.

I learned to crochet three simple stitches this week and thanks to Elizabeth (at The Hornbeam Centre, Walthamstow Knitting and Stitch group) for her patience and time.

17 March 2010

A Tale

Tully, Australia 1997

As heavy rain pours down relentlessly, I trudge through muddy channels with banana trees to my left and right.  Walking barefoot, following fellow workers’ tales of arsenic poured into the soil to kill unwanted trees, the mud clings and makes my feet heavy.

My rucksack replaced by a plastic flask filled with kerosene, I spend timeless hours following my employer’s instructions to inject this chemical into last harvest’s banana tree stumps.

Amidst this trial of mental and physical tolerance, my eye catches sight of a small, delicate cabbage white butterfly fluttering past me with fragile, ivory white wings. 

The presence of this tiny creature suddenly alters my perspective and fills me with ease and happiness.

I recognize this moment as one to be treasured and kept with me over the years as a reminder that beauty can be found in the smallest of things and in the most fleeting of moments in life.