28 April 2010

Especially for you

I have chosen these four images (a couple i have used before) from my photographs today to inspire and bring a serene smile to the faces of all my readers out there wherever you are in the world!  The photographs come with positive vibes and sunshine.  Have a great day! 

24 April 2010

The Subversive Stitch reprinted!!!

I have been after a copy of The Subversive Stitch for a long time and the book has been out of print.  I was so excited to find that it has been reprinted!

I bought my copy at the Victoria & Albert Museum - after a visit to see the exhibition Quilts 1700 - 2010 - more about this and inspiration drawn from the works on display in my next posts....

In the meantime I am totally engrossed in the writings of Rozsika Parker - and that's just the introduction to the new edition! 

20 April 2010

The Sky

I have been feeling a sense of frustration caused by the seemingly unending grey skies of late.  In an attempt to inspire a positive attitude towards the sky and terrible weather patterns, I decided to photograph the self same sky on a regular basis using my mobile phone camera.  I had in mind a theory that this might reveal that my perception of the daily grey sky is in fact incorrect.  And my theory was right - these sky images show the diversity of the skies above us.  An inspiration!

The set continues on Flickr here....

15 April 2010

Monday's Word

I am loving making work for this blog!   Two words a week is a challenge but a good one!

Thanks for the inspiring words Jaq.

I am pleased to have managed to keep up with Monday's Word in spite of a lack of full time internet connection for the past few weeks!  Now i am fully  web linked again so time to brainstorm ideas for more posts to follow soon.