30 August 2010

One Line

I am very pleased to be exhibiting my series of illustrations One Line at the Hornbeam Centre in Walthamstow as part of the E17 Art Trail 2010.

The illustrations have been created by drawing 'live' in the Hornbeam Centre using my signature continuous line drawing technique to reflect the immediacy of the moment captured in each image.

The exhibition is open from Saturday 4th to Sunday 12th September.

Read more here.

17 August 2010

E17 Art Trail

I am really pleased to be taking part in the E17 Art trail 2010.

I have been keeping my eye on the Trail for the past three years but lived in the far distant postcode of RM8!

My illustration series 'One Line' will be exhibited at the Hornbeam Centre on Hoe Street between 3rd and the 12th September 2010.

Find out more and read my E17 Art Trail blog entry here.

4 August 2010

Paring down to the minimum

A poster has appeared on the London rail networks depicting key people from the world of pop music in the most minimalist and rectangular way.  It's fabulous!

I cannot find any information about the designer :-(

The poster links to a British Music Experience competition too FACE THE MUSIC