20 February 2011

in celebration of World Book Day 2011

Opening the pages of a favourite childhood book, feeling the texture of the fragile leaves, smooth and rough in turn, I am drawn in to the fine detail of the worlds of wonder, far distant and remote, yet inextricably linked to our own. With each turn of the page, windows are flung wide in my mind, revealing snowscapes of delicate calm, cityscapes of chaos, seascapes of raging torment and landscapes of hidden undergrowth.

When asked to choose one book of inspiration, I consider carefully and make the almost impossible choice of 'Fairy Tales from Many Lands' illustrated by Arthur Rackham. My memory of this book, long untouched on my shelf, is of the smooth colour plates, interspersed among the rough to the touch pages of text. A treat as I progressed through each tale, these illustrations drew me in to imaginary lands of deep colour, fine line and exquisitely fragile and grotesque characters.
My study of Print history has revealed that the historical rarity of colour images in childhood story books was due to the lack of capability of mass printing methods and binding techniques. Unable to print colour ink onto cheaper paper, publishing companies kept colour plates, printed on luxuriously smooth paper, to a minimum. The illustrated plates were tipped in as single sheets or bound around the sewn sections of text. These were pages to cherish and adore.

7 February 2011

Two shillings

I love making tiny things - artist's books, drawings, models...

Today I have created a miniscule single section, pamphlet bound book with decorative beads and beautiful hand-made marbled paper (Falkiners Fine Papers) for the pocketed cover.  Thanks to Paula Kreigell for posting adaptations on the traditional sewing method and cover design.

Here is my creation entitled two shillings in reference to the size of the book and this also recalls to mind bygone days when the term shilling was used by the older generations of my family.

two shillings (2011)

3 February 2011

Follow me

Dear Readers,

As my Web 2.0 skills improve I am realising that there is a difference (although i'm not sure why it exists?!) between 'subscribing' to a blog and 'following' a blog.

Do 'follow' and then I know you're there and can find you too!

Have a good day :-)

Another article read....

I previously noted the work of Sam Winston in a journal I was browsing at a friend's home and I've just read more about his work and ideas in Varoom!

Paper folding, word play, graphic design, illustration and book arts are all involved in Sam Winston's responses to words, data and analysis of statistics.

Fabulous and fascinating work!

1 February 2011

An article a day

I have an archive of fabulous art and design journals and most of these remain unread!

Hence my new target of reading one article each day.  So far, so good!

Yesterday, I read an article about Romanticism in Tate Etc magazine linked to the Romantics exhibition Tate Britain.

Today I have read The Bibliophile in Varoom! describing the work and career of Audrey Niffenegger as Book Artist and book lover. 

 I aim to keep you posted on all articles and inspiration!


Moi (2011) is a unique hand bound artist's book.

I created the text block using cut up illustrations from my self-portrait series which I have bound using traditional French binding stitch.

I'm really happy to be back in the bookbinding zone :-)

Moi (2011)