30 June 2011

Wish i was in Chicago!

This looks like a great event - wish I was in Chicago...

Posted by illustrator Laura Berger - check out her work here

28 June 2011

High Time I Bound a Book

I've been drawing away as always but have neglected to bind a book for my own creative practice of late. 

So today, I decided was the day to get to work again in my cottage industry home bindery.

I have bought beautiful ribbon from Liberty of London Haberdashery on several occasions and had the inspiration to use a piece for this binding onto tape.

I'm really pleased with the result and the book is now entitled 'Mary's Miniature Masterpieces'.

I've started to fill it already!

27 June 2011

Year 2 Book Arts

I have been very warmly welcomed, as a Visiting Artist, into a local primary school to run a book arts workshop with the whole of Year 2.

Each pupil made an artist's book complete with a pamphlet stitch binding, beaded bookmark and cover with pockets.

I'm posting just one picture here to give a a taster of the day and I will add more photos along with the images from the Year 1 project which I am running next week.

It's fun and inspiring to work with these very young and highly creative students.

25 June 2011

Interact Weekend: King's Place International

I am very pleased to have been invited to run a workshop at the Interact Weekend at King's Place in July.

Taking the theme International my workshop participants will be investigating their creativity and knowledge of world language and culture and producing work to contribute to an artists' book Round the World Page by Page.

Roll on the 23rd of July!

17 June 2011

One more.....

Hello Readers one and all.

I'm on a mission to get 25 'like' on my very new professionally angled Facebook page Mary Pullen | Between the Leaves and I need ONE MORE!

I'll say no more :-D

Sincere thank yous to Readers who have already 'liked' this page :-)

Artist Books 3.0

Artist Books 3.0 is a great place for visitors to view my Artist's Books, read my book arts ideas and for me to meet new book artist friends from around the world.....

My homepage is here.  You are warmly invited.

Etsy shop

Wow.  I cannot imagine the time and effort required to set up a real life shop!  I've been working on my Etsy shop for more than quite a while and I am finally there!

First two prints are listed.....

Head on into the virtual, quaint and bright shop that is Between the Leaves.

I have also finally decided upon a logo.  'Rose Window' is an illustration inspired by the window in the cathedral of Notre Dame and reflects my love of bright colour and French language and literature (Victor Hugo comes to mind).  The leaves of the rose link to the shop title too.

 Rose Window (2010)

16 June 2011

Colne & Colchester Embroiderers' Guild: Inspiration

I am pleased and honoured to be a co-writer of the Colne and Colchester Embroiderer's Guild blog. Here's my first post....

Colne & Colchester Embroiderers' Guild: Inspiration: "As I sit here in a room darkened by the rain pouring relentlessly outside, I am drawing an uplifting, positive vibe from the inspiring hand ..."

3 June 2011

Bookmarks IX Infiltrating the System

I am making my 100 bookmarks for Bookmarks IX.
This is a great project run by book artist Sarah Bodman at the University of West England.
Each artist creates 100 bookmarks which then get left in libraries around the world for readers to take - thus infiltrating the system and providing small pieces of quality artworks for many people.
Read about the project here.
No images of my bookmarks yet...they are currently a secret!

1 June 2011

More inspiration....

Having just returned from a holiday I'm planning my next creative ventures and finding great inspiration en route!

I love maps and follow this link to view a very original way of looking at cities by French artist Armelle Caron.