23 October 2011

Fantastic Creatures Big Draw 2011: What a fantastic evening :-)

THANK YOU to the Fantastic Creatures Big Draw 2011 team - you were fantastic  creatures! - you know who you are (and readers, if you're not so certain then head here to follow links to our websites)

Jonathan Doyle was busy snapping away and a link to the event images will be posted soon....

In the meantime here are a few of my humble efforts (illustrating only a very small part of the event)

Book arts with Years 1 and 2

In June and July, I had the great opportunity of devising and running book arts workshops in a local primary school.

Invited by Prettygate Infant School, I met with the Headteacher to discuss the class and schools' requirements.  The resulting workshops evolved....

Following an initial, whole year group discussion about bookmaking and bookbinding, all the pupils in Year 2 (not all at once, I hasten to add!) created a fabulous single section, pamphlet stitched, hand bound book with pockets and bookmark.  A centre-fold image of a painting by Juan Miro was included in these books as they were destined to be used to house work produced during a project looking in detail at the painting.

The workshop day with Year 1 began with a similar discussion and the pupils each made a similar book structure, entitled 'My Summertime Diary'.  These books were designed to aid the children's transition from Year 1 to Year 2.  Close to 100% of the books were brought in to week one of Year 2, filled with text, photos, drawings and objects detailing the summer holiday experiences of the children!

The pupils were all enthusiastic and very keen.  The work produced was amazing and inspiring.  The staff were very welcoming and supportive.  Thank you Prettygate Infant School!

10 October 2011

Inspiration Monday

Ooops, a long while since i posted an inspiration link.

This week has to go to David McCandless author of the book Information is Beautiful and the blog

Data visualisation in abundance :-)