22 December 2011

Jotta profile is live!

As a graduate of the University of the Arts London I have the privilege of creating a profile and portfolio on the Jotta networking website - and the site is a super design and has prompted me to organise my art work in a coherent manner!

Here is my new Jotta profile :-)

18 December 2011

Festive Season's Greetings to my Readers, one and all :-)

Here is my greeting card for 2011 to wish you all a very 
Merry Christmas & Happy & Healthy New Year
and to say thank you for reading my blog and posting comments - I look forward to creating posts to inspire for 2012....

12 December 2011

A new print | Dole(r)

Inspiration Monday | Folk Music

A little audio inspiration this week :-)

I enjoyed attending the Colchester Folk Club's gig on Monday with Bella Hardy on her Bright Morning Star tour.

Bella is accompanied by concertina player Chris Sherburn (Last Night’s Fun) and award winning guitarist Anna Massie (Kate Rusby Band) and the three musicians engaged in amusing and entertaining banter in between the excellent choice of musical performances.  Bella sang a number of new compositions and traditional Christmas songs - including a fabulous rendition of a song from Wind in the Willows :-)

A great evening!


8 December 2011

Illustration Friday | Brigade

In response to the Illustration Friday brief this week, I have visually depicted a military 'brigade' as defined by Wikipedia.

Note that two brigades (up to five brigades) form a division.  Each brigade comprises five batallions and these represent the personnel listed in the illustration (or alternative combinations of personnel groups).  I have chosen to use the colours of camouflage gear to complete the image.

The two smaller icons, on the left and on the right, illustrate that the batallions are either cavalry or armoured soldiers.