29 April 2012

One Line Solo Exhibtion

I have a solo exhibition opening at Jardine in Wivenhoe, Essex on May 8th 2012.

One Line is an exhibition of new illustrations which I created during my artist in residence sessions at Jardine Café & Bistro earlier this year.

I am very excited about the exhibition and hope as many people as possible can get to see the work...

Here's an image from my exhibition work shown at the Walthamstow Art Trail in 2010 (as the new work is still under wraps!!!!)


19 April 2012

Book Arts and Bookbinding links

This post is intended for anyone with a passion for finding out more about the wonderful world of book arts :-)

For news and information about book arts, illustration and my bookbinding and book arts workshops follow my blog
For bookbinding supplies visit

To view and read about amazing artists' books browse or visit

Watch out for the Essex Book Festival 2013 events and Book Arts Fair
Discover the book arts bookshop near Old Street tube in London

Read the Book Arts Newsletters past and present here

Ponder the possibility of postgraduate study here
in Colchester
in London

and check out the book arts and bookbinding books in Colchester Library and in online book stores.

Enjoy your lovely hand bound artist's books and the world of book arts!

17 April 2012

Colchester Institute bookbinders II

I had an truly inspiring and enjoyable day teaching a day bookbinding workshop with Fine Art BA degree students at Colchester Institute.

Thank you to the students for bringing in prepared pages of art work to use in the book making sessions - this added so much interest and individuality to the making process and to the final books.

Each student hand folded multiple sections using pages of their own artwork and then created a text block using a traditional French sewing technique.  After a well deserved break at lunch time, the group returned to make hard covers and to case bind their text blocks.

Working in the students' studio space was great opportunity for me, as I had the opportunity to view work in progress and to gain further insight into the creative ideas of each participant.

Thank you to the CI staff for their usual warm welcome and to the group for their enthusiasm, concentration, questions and innovation.
Here are some images of the group at work
This post is intended for my Colchester Institute bookbinding workshop participants - but will be useful to anyone with a passion for finding out more about the wonderful world of Book Arts!
Here are some interesting links....

For bookbinding supplies visit http://www.hewit.com/
For luxury papers visit http://www.johnpurcell.net/

To view and read about amazing artists' books browse or visit the V&A at http://www.vam.ac.uk/page/a/artists-books/

Discover the book arts bookshop near Old Street tube http://www.bookartbookshop.com/docs/contents.htm

Read the Book Arts Newsletters past and present here http://www.bookarts.uwe.ac.uk/banlists.htm

and check out the book arts books in Colchester Library!

Congratulations on your amazing hand bound books...

16 April 2012

Inspiration Monday: Liverpool

I have chosen the city of Liverpool as my Monday Inspiration this week.

I had the privilege of living in the city for three years during my students days in the 1990s and I have taken untold inspiration from the friends I met, the knowledge I gained, the architecture, the history, the places and events that I attended during those years.

Here are a few - shout yeah if you know them, recognize them, love or loved them too :-) YEAH!!!

The Anglican Cathedral - awe inspiring and architectural splendour (and not even built as large as the original design!)

Quiggins - for amazing and affordable, genuine vintage (then known as 'second hand'!) clothing, furniture and other curios

Port Sunlight - a hidden gem across the water

Macs and Mardis ;-)

Bold Street

Sydney Jones Library

Maritime Musuem


Mossley Hill (chip shop, station, architecture)

Sefton Park

Docklands (before redevelopment)

Liverpool Women's 10km

The Bluecoat Chambers

Flannigans (before the day of the Irish 'theme pub'!)

Cream of the Barley

I could go on....will be heading back soon to see the updated city and pay my respects :-)

Find out more about the amazing city of Liverpool here

15 April 2012

New version of an old idea...

During one of the (many!) clear outs that I undertake in my studio, I came across some work which I made years ago.

I still like the ideas behind these old pieces but my making skills and presentation at the time left a little to be desired! 

So, I set about making new versions of these old works using my much developed making skills :-) and here are some results... 

New (no pics of the old version!)

10 April 2012

Inspiration Monday: Children's Literature

My nephew has been reading similar books to those which I enjoyed many years ago...

The illustrations are great and the tales are intriguing and exciting!  My preferred author of this Fighting Fantasy Gamebook Series was Ian Livingstone.

I am currently a fan of reading children's literature and devouring Inkheart by Cornelia Funke and loving the story - especially the bookbinding references.  The book is 'wonderful' in the true sense of the word.

There is so much to say for the balanced levels of imagination and reality in children's literature.  I'll be reading more...

I was truly inspired by the creative writing sessions during my degree studies at the London College of Communication led by successful children's author Catherine Johnson and I have recently been inspired by a meeting with another children's author Annaleise Matheron at the Essex Book Festival Launch.

This post only skims the surface of my passion for children's literature and I feel that there should be a new term to define the blurring of the edges between the worlds of adult, teen and children's literature. Is there a term (maybe this exists in another language?) or can you think up a new term?

Time for new ideas and new methods of making...

My head is filled with my favourite colour and within this sea of green are hidden new ideas, new methods of making and new work...I'm seeking them as i type...watch this green space!