26 June 2012

Aldeburgh mosaic (my images)

Colchester Institute Art & Design Degree Show 2012

Many thanks to Colchester Institute for my invitation to attend the Art & Design Degree Show 2012 Private View event.

This was a fabulous evening of inspiration and entertainment.

So many artists and so much work of such a high standard!

Here are a few links to a mere handful of the skilled artists in the exhibition...

A sustainable project on display and impressive website by Caitlin Jones

A fabulous poster for Noah and the Whale among other impressive designs by Rotten Riddlers

Fine, delicate designs with a vintage feel by Julie Graham

A beautiful book on Typography created by Patrick Hennings

A large scale experimental piece by Abbey Potter 

Bold graphical illustration prints by Tristan Howe

These artists also drew my attention and interest...

Ros Lascelles, Carola Smedgebacka, Viv Banks, Victoria Mason, Rebecca Rawlings

Blue mosaic I (my images)

My Cultural Olympiad project

Follow this link to read all about my Cultural Olympiad inspired book arts project that I have been running in Essex, England.

The project culminates at Sparks Will Fly Essex in Hylands Park, Chlemsford on 6th July 2012.

Very exciting!

21 June 2012

Getting into Green again...revised post

Dear Readers,


I have deleted yesterday's post.

In my enthusiasm for the amazing (lime green) images that I had found on Flickr, I created the mosaic seen yesterday and totally forgot to check the level of Copyright on each image.

I firmly and fully support the Copyright rights of each artist and as most of the images are, as it turns out, All Rights Reserved, I have deleted the mosaic.

My usual plan now would be to contact the artists and request permission to post the images.  I have always found that artists respond with positive comments and kindly give permission to use images with credits given.

However, due to lack of time, I am unable to contact all the photographers and so I'll post a mosaic of my images and some from the Creative Commons Flickr set.

 Watch this space...

18 June 2012

Bookbinding: interesting links for workshop participants

Here are some interesting links....

For bookbinding supplies visit
For luxury papers visit

To view and read about amazing artists' books browse or visit the V and A and/or Tate

Discover the book arts bookshop near Old Street tube

Read the Book Arts Newsletters past and present

and check out the book arts books in Colchester libraries...

Bookbinding MAXI workshop

A fabulous day of intensive creativity and bookbinding on Saturday.

Thank you to my participants for taking part in the workshop and for good company.

A few pics below...