26 September 2012

My next exhibition :-)

Ready to make the next step

Busy Bee

So far this year, I am pleased to have had the opportunity to run my Tribal Quilt 2012 project (linked to the Cultural Olympiad); to have led numerous successful workshops in bookbinding and book arts; to have worked with Essex County Council Book Festival (with a radio interview!) and with King's Place, London (a fabulous venue!) once again; to have exhibited my first solo exhibition of illustration work...

Dear Readers,

The time has come to blog again with a passion and (an element of) regularity!

Here are my new and continuing aims:

1 to add thoughtful critical comment relating to the creative world
2 to begin to let the world know that I am here as an illustrator and book artist - and sell my work!
3 to continue to promote other creatives
4 to inspire YOU :-)

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes.

4 September 2012

Rethinking, revising and revamping...

Dear Readers,

Thank you for your patience!

I am currently rethinking, revising and revamping my creative practice and I am very excited about getting back to making new work.

I will post with further details of the alterations and changes very soon.

Watch this space....