25 March 2013

Bookbinding workshop | TACMEP Colchester

A warm welcome and fun afternoon spent as an invited workshop leader at TACMEP in Colchester.
Lovely books made by participants of many nationalities and many lovely personalities.

What I wore today (love taking these...)

Bookbinding Maxi | March 2013

Two lovely evenings running my bookbinding intensive workshop, resulting in these beautiful, skillfully bound, hand made books...

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18 March 2013

Book Arts and Embroidery

Pootling around Colchester last week, I came across three lovely exhibitions showing work which combine two of my creative passions - book arts and hand embroidery.

Book Art | Art Book, an exhibition curated by Paula Macgregor inspired me a great deal with altered books, beautiful bindings, imaginative content, installation pieces, varied materials and in particular, as a large number of bookworks are by my current MA Art, Design and the Book students.

Wendy Allen 2013

Peter Kennedy 2013
I had previously seen one piece of work in the Nine Lives exhibition as a work in progress in the studio of artist Julie Howe.  I was so pleased to come across the finished work in the Nine Lives exhibition room.  In the small space the nine artists had managed to fit huge, emotional and fascination ideas.  The small boxes spilled their contents and objects, words and images combined to create visual narratives of intrigue and interest.

Julie Howe 2013
Ellen Duval
Popping in to the Red Lion Books store I was very pleased to come across the current exhibition by the members of the Colne & Colchester Embroiderers' Guild.  The work is truly skilled and so detailed and exquisite.  Feeling a little off colour on entering the room, I left feeling really positive after viewing an embroidered text piece depicting a flow diagram with questions and answers - all leading to 'Don't worry'.  Wonderful.

I recommend a potter around the town to view these exhibitions yourself (if you are local to Colchester).

3 March 2013

Rankin on 4

My love of photography dates back to the age of six when my mum kindly gave me her Brownie camera.  I snapped away and have been in possession of numerous cameras ever since.

Today, on the subject of photography, I was inspired listening to Rankin on Desert Island discs.  Rankin's portrait photography is bold and striking and beautiful.

I plan to return to portrait photography in the next week or so...

Check out these photographers on my (long) list of all time faves...

Mary Mccartney
Bill Viola
Mario Testino
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