9 September 2013

Circles and points

I am currently reading (and I may have mentioned this before...please excuse any repetition) the intended first book in a trilogy, second and I have already read the second book and currently have no intention of reading the third book.

In this way, I am experiencing greater intrigue that I feel that I would have felt had I read the books in the intended order.  I read and absorb and then find that I have forgotten.  As a result the names, words and actions of the people and places in the first book (which runs on a chronological parallel with the second book) are striking a chord but I cannot put my finger on the exact links being made between the notes of the chord.

Following a comment that I feared I was reading 'like a literature student' (a habit formed over years as a student of French and Spanish literature) I have been advised by AD to read, enjoy and then to reread and compare if I so wish.  Good advice.  I am taking it - although I remain frustrated by my lack of ability to recall clear facts from my previous reading...

This leads me to be thinking about the idea of circles and points and to wondering if I can create visual work with an intended / unintended order and overlap.

Food for thought.  I am off to make notes...in the manner of 'an art student'!

Inspiration Monday: Talking with others...

I have been in conversation with many friends of late and I would like to thank them for their listening ear/s, enthusiasm and wisdom.

Amongst others, thanks to

Emma for talk of words and language and teaching.

Cinzia for talk of theory, reading, study, art, language and teaching.

Sarah for talk of music.

Paula for talk of getting out there again.

Alison for talk of photography and exhibiting work.

Adam for talk of our new studio space :-)

Christina for talk of opportunities.

Filling my head with excellent ideas...

As autumn approaches it's time to re-enter the blogosphere...

...with a vengeance!

I have been working full time in a teaching EAP post over the summer and this has left little time to focus on and order my creative thoughts (outside those for creating enticing English lessons!).

Now, however, time is on my side once again (relatively speaking) and I am ready to think, make, create and share on my blog once again.

It is time to begin the journey of nurturing the seed of an idea and exploring the growth that takes place.  A journey into a new realm of thinking and ideas...for me, anyway.

I also want to practice and develop my existing creative skills including photography, stitch, drawing and bookbinding.

I'm enthused of late and wish to venture into the world of writing poetry and of the spoken word.

At the same time it is time to read.  Theory, literature, journals.

And to view.  Exhibitions, blogs, Pinterest inspiration images.

And to listen.  To family, friends, colleagues, specialists, students.  Ideas come from all angles.

And to write.  Blog posts and more blog posts.  Sharing ideas, inspiration, news and more...