4 October 2013

31 tales | 31 words : Storytelling and Memory

31 tales | 31 words Storytelling and Memory began as a request sent to friends and family around the globe, requesting a short folk story to be written without prior research and in only 31 words.
The word limit references the number of functions identified in a set of folk tales, studied by the Russian folk tale specialist, Vladimir Propp.

Once compiled, I set the tales in hot metal type in the Letterpress Studio at UAL LCC and subsequently, hand made and bound nine copies of this exquisite book.

A set of illustrations were made, although these were omitted from the set of books, leaving the reader's imagination to illustrate the tales.

I hand bound two books with tales that I had been writing. The majority of the pages in these two books remain blank, highlighting the failure of my memory to accurately, or even remotely, recall more than ten tales.

In addition to the book arts work, I created graphic design data visualisations of the language and function content of the collected tales.

I also organised and hosted a storytelling evening at the Poetry CafĂ© in Covent Garden, where guests were invited to take part in round table storytelling, thus further investigating the idea of storytelling from memory.  A sound recording was made and edited by Nina Welch and the CD made available to listeners.
A hand bound book exists which ensures a legacy for this project - I take this to workshops and events and allow participants to add tales at will.
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