14 January 2014

Short stories

In my role as a literacy intervention tutor, I am currently reading a lot of new material to prepare for sessions with my GCSE level students.

I have delighted in the diverse and descriptive range of poems in the Cambridge Examination Group Songs of Ourselves anthology and now I am working my way through a selection of the short stories in their Stories of Ourselves anthology.

Although this is work work, I feel a great sense of pleasure in reading these works of literature and the texts are broadening my horizons and my personal knowledge of literature.  In addition, I love working with a student, reluctant or resistant in the face of a poem or prose, and aiding them to recognise the beauty in the writing and the wonder in the ideas.

Another group is reading I am the King of the Castle by Susan Hill, so I'll be embarking on that tale over the weekend too.

That is to say nothing of the study of The Tempest and the language of the Bard.

So I'll away now to work and play and return anon with more news afore the week is out...

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